Why me?
Dan Chișu

”Romanian cinema concentrates all possible dramas. After its soup drama, we are now shooting the sink drama”, the director Dan Chișu presents with great sense of humor his short film “Why me?”, a comedy with thriller accents, a film about film, a story full of humor, sarcasm and suspense. 

Why me?

Director:Dan Chișu
Cast: Emanuel Pârvu, Alex Bogdan, Tudor Istodor, Andrei Huțuleac, Ovidiu Niculescu
Year: 2016
Category: short film
Duration: 16 minutes

“Why me?” focuses on some of the aspects of the New Romanian Cinema, using its own aesthetics. The short film describes the ridicule situation three film-makers create when all their paths to “glory” seem to be blocked. The only solution they find to their problem is an extreme one.    

Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2016
Anonimul International Film Festival – Romania, 2016