The Snails’ Senator
Mircea Daneliuc

The Snails’ Senator

Screened in Cannes in 1995, with Dorel Vișan, Cecilia Bârbora, Clara Vodă and Florin Zamfirescu playing the main parts, Snails for the Senator is “a fierce analysis of our moral and spiritual decay in these years” (Mircea Dumitrescu). With a strong sense of Mircea Daneliuc’s personal style, Snails for the Senator shows “Daneliuc’s sense of humor, bent on escalating everyday occurrences into hallucinatory ironies, which is blacker than black” (Edna Făinaru).

Senatorul Melcilor - Mircea Danieliuc

Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Cast: Dorel Vișan, Cecilia Bârbora, Clara Vodă, Florin Zamfirescu
Year: 1995
Category: feature film
Duration: 108 minutes

Senator Vîrtosu arrives in a mountain city in order to commission a wind power station and accommodates himself in a former communist mansion, where the France president, Charles de Gaulle, has also slept. The senator could enjoy a very relaxing weekend, if not for a Swiss film crew covering the affairs of the area. Vîrtosu wants to be obliging, but also wants to hide things that the press should never discover ...

Cannes International Film Festival – France, 1995

Special Jury Award (Mircea Daneliuc) and Best Actor Award (Dorel Vișan), UCIN – Romania, 1995
Best Actor Award (Dorel Vișan), Montpellier – France, 1995