Start Anew World
Luiza Pârvu

Start Anew World

Together with Start Anew World (d. Luiza Pârvu), It Can Pass Through the Wall (d. Radu Jude) and Dying from a Wound of Love, Kowalski is part of the omnibus film 4 shorts: Black Heart Histories shown in Romanian cinemas in 2014.

”It was difficult to find a more eclectic collection of short films than this quad of aces that bets everything on one card: death”, Mihai Chirilov, TIFF Artistic Director.

Start Anew World was part of the official selection of Brest Film Festival in 2014

Director: Luiza Pârvu
Writer: Toma Peiu
Cinematography: Shan Jin
Producers: Toma Peiu, Luiza Pârvu, Adriana Răcășan
Cast: Florin Penișoară, Olimpia Melinte, Ioan Ardelean
Year: 2014
Category: short film
Duration: 24 minutes


Pennsylvania, 1908. Romanian immigrant cobbler Petru greets his cousin’s wife Ana in their New World home, with silent affection. Before he wins her heart, however, he needs to break a piece of news that will change her for good.


Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2014
Timishort International Short Film Festival – Romania, 2014
Brest European Short Film Festival - France, 2014
VGIK International Student Film Festival – Russia, 2014
”Kino Pavasaris” International Film Festival in Vilnius – Lithuania, 2015
NexT International Film Festival, Festival Friends section – Romania, 2015