Vlad Paunescu

A successful TV host. An investigation case. A public scandal. A whirl the characters cannot escape. The viewers are captivated by the human comedy of a small country. 
Discover ”Live”, Vlad  Păunescu’s debut film. The founder of the independent Romanian film industry and of the world-famous Castel Film studios, Vlad Păunescu is one of the most important Romanian producers and DOPs. 

Director: Vlad Păunescu
Cast: Rodica Lazăr, Tudor Chirilă, Crina Tofan, Adrian Titieni, Ioana Blaj, Doru Ana, Claudiu Bleonț and Andrei Huțuleac
Year: 2015
Category: feature film
Duration: 107 minutes

“The press needs to be silent!”, says one of the film characters. Ema, a beautiful and successful TV host of a national TV broadcaster, the star of an appreciated tabloid show, cannot accept this verdict. Complex character, a perfectionist and a careerist, also troubled by existential questions, she has no hesitation in putting at steak her health or money for higher TV ratings. One of her cases brings her in a middle of a huge scandal which will dramatically change her life.   

Montréal World Film Festival – Canada, 2015
Cairo International Film Festival - Egypt, 2015
Bengaluru International Film Festival – India, 2015