It Can Pass Through the Wall
Radu Jude

It Can Pass Through the Wall

Together with Start Anew World (d. Luiza Pârvu), Kowalski (d. Andrei Crețulescu) and Dying from a Wound of Love (d. Iulia Rugină), It Can Pass Through the Wall is part of the omnibus film 4 shorts: Black Heart Histories, shown in Romanian cinemas in 2014.

”It was difficult to find a more eclectic collection of short films than this quad of aces that bets everything on one card: death”, Mihai Chirilov, TIFF Artistic Director.

It Can Pass Through the Wall won a Special Mention at „Quinzaine des realisateurs”, Cannes 2014.


Director: Radu Jude
Writer: Radu Jude (adaptare liberă după ”În magazie”, de A.P.Cehov)
Cinematography: Marius Panduru, RSC
Producers: Ada Solomon, Radu Jude
Cast: Sofia Nicolaescu, Ion Arcudeanu, Gabriel Spahiu, Marcel Horobeț, Alecu Jude
Year: 2014
Category: scurtmetraj ficțiune
Duration: 17 minute


- I am frightened, grandpa!... Do you hear? [...]
- The people in the house are crying, he said. They miss the one who died, that's why they are crying. ("In the Coach-house", by A.P. Checkhov)


Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2014
New Horizon International Film Festival – Poland, 2014
Namur International Film Festival – Belgium, 2014
Montpellier International Film Festival – France, 2014
Thessaloniki International Film Festival – Greece, 2014
Trieste International Film Festival – Italy, 2014
Vilnius International Film Festival – Lithuania, 2014


Special Mention, „Quinzaine des realisateurs”, Cannes International Film Festival – France, 2014