Mircea Danieliuc


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“Mircea Daneliuc’s film is one of the most powerful projections of the individual, trapped in the whirl of history. He is a memorable character of European cinema” (Titus Vîjeu). Selected at the 1985 Mostra di Venezia, having received positive reviews in the Italian press of those times (”L’Arena”, ”Carlino”, ”Corriere della sera”, ”Nazione”, ”Paese sera” and ”Il Tempo”), Glissando was considered to be „a real masterpiece of ambiguity, which can support several layers of interpretation”. („Carlino”).

Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Cast: Ștefan Iordache, Tora Vasilescu
Year: 1984
Category: feature film
Duration: 159 minutes


A well educated young man has spent all his money in gambling and he is now spending his days in the neurotic atmosphere of casinos and fleeting love affairs. An ignorant accomplice to his own disaster. Fallen into an exhausting spleen, pray of hallucinations that blur the limit between reality and dream, Theodorescu is obsessed by both a portrait which holds a surprising resemblance with his mother and the dreams that show the woman in the painting and a mysterious character, the messenger of his own destiny and, paradoxically, his own existential reference. 

Mostra di Venezia – 1985, Italy

Grand Prize. Best Cinematography. Best Set Design. Best Costume Design. Best Sound. Best Actor (Ştefan Iordache), ACIN – 1984, Romania