Dying from a Wound of Love
Iulia Rugină

Dying from a Wound of Love

Together with Start Anew World (d. Luiza Pârvu), It Can Pass Through the Wall (d. Radu Jude) and Kowalski (d. Andrei Crețulescu), Dying from a Wound of Love is part of the omnibus film 4 shorts: Black Heart Histories, shown in Romanian cinemas in 2014.

”It was difficult to find a more eclectic collection of short films than this quad of aces that bets everything on one card: death”, Mihai Chirilov, TIFF Artistic Director.

Dying from a Wound of Love won Best Romanian Short Film at TIFF 2014.

Director: Iulia Rugină
Writer: Ana Agopian, Oana Răsuceanu, Iulia Rugină
Cinematography: Vivi Drăgan Vasile RSC, Cosmin Fericean
Producers: Dragoș Bucur, Dorian Boguță, Alexandru Papadopol
Cast: Adina Ștețcu, Paul Radu, Ana-Maria Bostan, Dragoș Sora, Andreea Scrădeanu, Eugen Matei Lumezianu, Georgiana Stanciu, Octavian Barbu, Ruxandra Șerban, Angela Similea
Year: 2014
Category: scurtmetraj ficțiune
Duration: 23 minute


This is the evening when Andrei and Maria will hear Angela Similea's song for the last time. Because this is the evening when they each decided they are going to die. From a wound of love.


Sarajevo Film Festival – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014
Festivalul Filmului European ”Cineast” – Luxemburg, 2014
Cineast – Central and Eastern European Film Festival – Luxembourg, 2014
Brest European Short Film Festival – France, 2014
Festivalul European de Film de Scurtmetraj de la Brest – Franța, 2014


Best Romanian Short Film, Transilvania International Film Festival – Romania, 2014